There was a time when men were proud of the fine taste of their vodka. Primitiv Vodka is a return to those fine traditions of craft distillation and great care and skill are applied to preserve subtle nuances of taste from our unique grains. Primitiv is silky smooth with a rush of peppery spice, elusive floral and anise touches over a creamy grain base; inspiring masculine finish.

Primitiv Chilli Vodka

CODE: JDChilliVodka

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A hot version of our Primitiv Vodka, each bottle has a homegrown organic habanero chilli in it to add flavour and heat to the adventurous Vodka drinker....

Minimum quantity for "Primitiv Chilli Vodka" is 1.

Primitiv Vodka

CODE: JDPrimitiv

Primitiv Vodka is not just another vodka; it's authentic, sophisticated and lovingly handcrafted from organic Spelt grown in the high Cedarberg. Click... More