Limoncello, Naked Naartjie, and Naked Bay Liqueur

Handpicked hand zested natural macerated lemons, their gorgeous organic oils and fragrant lemon colour, is what makes our Naked Lemon Limoncello.

Prima Donna di Limoni - First Lady of Lemons, naturally naked.

For our first batch: 1400 hand picked organic lemons of a friends farm. These were hand zested, the skins macerated for twelve days in fragrant wine spirits to infuse the spirit with lemon oils, turning it a vibrant lemon yellow. The resulting liquor falls naturally bright and clear and is lightly sweetened with home made cane syrup to balance the flavours. Naked Lemon is bottled at 30% alcohol and is best served ice cold in small liqueur glasses.

Limoncello is Italy’s most famous and most loved liqueur.  It is usually served after dinner as a digestive but is also enjoyed at the cocktail hour.  Chefs use it in deserts like crepes Suzette and hostesses drizzle it over home made vanilla ice cream or use to actually make ice cream. Good Limoncello should not be too sweet, allowing full expression of sunshine and citrus with hints of vanilla and traces of mintiness.  No artificial flavours or colours, and no preservatives are used.

Rog Peter and Lloyd Zesting The Lemons

Roger Lloyd and Peter handzesting the lemons.

Zested or Naked Lemons

The lemons all naked.

The Lemon Peels Macerating In Pure Grape Spirit.

The zest of the lemons in the fine grape spirits where they lie for a twelve days for best flavour.

The End Product, Naked Sans Label

End Product, still Naked as sans label.

Price: R150.00 per 500 ml and R20.00 per 50 ml bottle (Seasonal)

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Limoncello, Naked Naartjie, and Naked Bay Liqueur

Naked Lemon